Fleur Knob - Cast Iron - Furnipart

Won’t you be reminded of these beautiful cast iron cookware while looking at this knob? Why hasn’t anybody come to this brilliant idea before? Well, Kamper Form, a designer who stands behind many of Furniparts famous knobs and handles, has now done it! Say welcome to the Fleur cabinet knob in cast iron!

Don't be shy, let the French feeling come into your interior. Take the cabinet knob Fleur and match it with the Provence handle and the Art cabinet handles in cast iron, also from Furnipart, and see what it does to your kitchen furniture! It’s beautiful!
SKU: 343510
Coating: Cast Iron
Colour Black
Designers Kamper Form
Brand: Furnipart
Depth: 30 mm
Diameter: 46 mm
Shipping time:
In stock - 3-5 business days
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