2017-08-24: Did you miss our porcelain knobs from Anne Black? Or maybe you’ve already seen them, ordered them, and fallen in love with the soft pastel shades and beautiful round shapes. Whichever group you belong to, we’d like to tell you more about Anne Black’s products. Anne Black is a business, trademark and person who manufactures porcelain and ceramic products. Not only knobs and hooks, but also vases, plates, cups, bowls, and more. However, we carry the knobs and hooks.

Four lines, but many different colours and shapes

Anne Black has four different lines of knobs and hooks: Plain, Matte, Flower and Dot. Plain and Matte are available in several shades and four different sizes. The two largest ones are most suitable as hooks. The two smaller sizes, small and medium, can be used as both hooks and knobs. Flower and Dot come in two sizes: small and medium. Both these sizes can be used as hooks and knobs.

Anne Black - one of our many Danish suppliers

Funny that thing, with Denmark and design. All Handles & Pulls were at a fair in Stockholm and talked to a Danish manufacturer of hooks (Collect Furniture, a line we will soon carry as well). We mentioned that there’s a lot of Danish companies at this fair, which took place in Stockholm’s largest exhibition center. The owner of Collect Furniture laughed and said that this is considered to be the largest Danish design fair in Denmark. That it happens to be in Stockholm didn’t really matter. The same applies for our assortment of handles and knobs. We are a Swedish company but the majority of our designer handles and pulls come from Denmark. We have Furnipart, Vonsild and now also Anne Black.

Handmade in their own factory

Another interesting thing to know about Anne Black: All knobs and hooks are made by hand. Anne Black is part-owner of a small factory in Vietnam where all their products are made. It’s pretty amazing that Anne Black can control her brand, from design to production and all the way to distribution.

You can find Anne Black’s line of knobs and hooks here.