2017-09-08: What kitchen handles are the most popular right now? We know! So we thought it would be interesting to let you know what handles our customers are buying for their kitchens right now. Below is a list of the top five most popular handles. We have simplified, removed, combined and categorised some of these handles to make the picture more clear, for us and for you.

Copper - new material for Kitchen Handles

Copper is a new material in the hardware world. It has become very popular as a material for handles and knobs on kitchen cupboards and drawers. They come in different models, modern as well as classic. Here are some of the most popular copper handles and copper knobs:

All our copper handles can be found here

Brass - Classical became popular

This material was almost gone from the market five years ago. Today it is back, and the trend seems to stick. The most popular kitchen handles right now is Bolmen and 1353, followed by the knob Dalby and the shell handle 3922. Below are some our our most popular handles in brass:

All our handles and pulls in brass

Black and white

Coloured handles. We see more and more customers choosing black and shiny white handles. It is a little bit different, but can give many kitchens a more exclusive look.

All coloured handles can be found here

Leather handles - Something luxury in a new environment

We started selling leather knobs and handles almost two years ago. Today they make up one of our most popular categories. We chose to present this category as number four, since many of the leather handles are used on other furniture and not just in the kitchen. Nevertheless, it is a very popular handle in kitchens as well.

Here are our knobs and handles in leather

Porcelain knobs

Perhaps not the most typical choice for kitchen cupboards but we see a clear trend towards more and more kitchens with porcelain knobs. Just as with stainless steel, it is not the classical porcelain knobs that are the most popular. Instead it is modern pastel coloured knobs we see topping the best sellers.

Our full assortment of porcelain knobs

Next trend in handles

What is the next trend? We think brass will be popular for a good while longer. The combination of brass and leather is trending as well. Profile handles, handles that are mounted as a profile over the edge of kitchen drawers, are something we think will be very popular as well.

What do you think? Send us a message if you have other ideas on future trends.