2017-09-11: Copper trend has been around for some time. But for cupboard handles and knobs it’s quite new. We have now put together a collection of four popular copper handles that come in a bright copper coating.

Two of them are classical handles with round edges. The other two are in a modern style with straight lines.

Grace Classic Copper Handles

Grace Modern Copper Handles

Copper handles for modern and classical kitchen

Grace collection fits well in any kitchen - modern or classic. Darker colours like grey, green or black work perfectly with the modern versions of Grace Copper.
Grace Classic is excellent in the farmhouse style kitchens with classic cupboards. A kitchen can be a tough environment for any handles. Grace Copper have a solid layer of lacquer that protects the surface from dirt and scratches.

Kitchen handles will stay bright and shiny since the layer of lacquer avoids the copper surface to react to the air.

All the handles and knobs have the same coating and you can therefor combine them with each other.

Quality, from factory to customer

Grace Copper collection is a premium furniture hardware collection. We put an extra effort into quality and the finish of Grace collection. Usually a lot of manufactures only polish the most visible side of the handle. But we make sure that all visible sides of the knobs and pulls are polished.

Our manufacturer packs every handle in a separate plastic bag and then wraps it with a protective sleeve that will avoid any scratches during transportation.

Purchase today, have them delivered tomorrow

The full collection of Grace Copper is on stock. We offer free shipping on standard deliveries. There is also an express shipping option for those who are in a hurry. Orders received before lunch will be shipped out the same day. That means that you can have them at your house the day after your purchase.
You will receive your order within 3-5 business days if you choose the standard free shipping as a delivery option.

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