Pamar – Italian design with its own identity

Pamar, a leader within design and production of handles, knobs and other furniture accessories, was established after the World War II in the city of Renate in northern Italy by the entrepreneur Angelo Redaelli.

They started by manufacturing of furniture handles. Pamar started to develop and quickly became an important player in the industry. After its success in Italy, Pamar started to expand internationally and has today a strong voice in design and trends of handles and knobs. Pamar stands for high quality and has a very large collection of handles and knobs. The manufacturing is still in Renate where Pamar today have two factories.

20 years back, Pamar started to focus even more on design with an objective to create identity around the company. Since then they work closely with a wide variety of Italian and international designers and architects with different orientations and expressions. Some of the designers that are connected with Pamar are names like Björn Dahlström, Fabio Redaelli, Alessandro Elli, George J. Sowden, Giorgio Vigna, James Irvine, Jasper Morrison, Klaus Bergen, Rodolfo Dordoni and many more.

Pamar manufactures handles in many different materials and shapes, such as stainless steel, ceramic, leather, brass, tin, chrome, copper, nickel, aluminium and wood.

Design is an important success factor for Pamar, but quality is even more important and that is why they have kept all manufacturing in their own hands in Italy.

All Handles & Pulls has picked a few of Pamars most stylish handles to have in our portfolio.