Think about driving into a sleepy French village in the evening, hungry from the long drive. You stop by at the local bistro. Entering this establishment that most likely been around for centuries. They serve you, well, maybe top five best dinners you ever had. That's what we feel seeing Furniparts new series of cast iron furniture hardware.

Two handles & one knob

The collection consists of two handles and one knob. All three of them match together, and you can easily use the knob together with any of the two handles. The knob Fleur is a classic round knob that looks similar to the top of Staub and Le Creuset pots. Provence, one of the two handles, is a smooth, 179 mm long and have an elegant black look. The handle Art has the shape of a profile handle with a length of 117 mm.

Cast iron

Cast iron was used in China already 500-year b.c. It was during the 1900 century that it became a common material and used in a variety of different products. Today its most commonly used in cookware such as pots and pans. Brands like Le Creuset, Staub and Skeppshults use cast iron in most of their products. Many of the more exclusive brands still produce cast iron in European countries. But up until now, it's not been around as furniture hardware. At least not like this.

Kamper Form and Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Two of Furniparts most frequent guest designers stand behind the cast iron collection. Kamper Form designed the knob Fleur and the 179 mm long Provence. Hans Sandgren Jakobsen is the creator of Art handle. Interested in more designer furniture hardware? Kamper Form, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen and all other furniture hardware from Furnipart can be found here. >> [gallery link="none" ids="486,487,488"]