2017-06-29: Changing the cupboard hardware is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen! We at All Handles & Pulls have put together a step-by-step for how to replace handles in your own kitchen.

1. Measure the distance between the current screw holes on the existing handles.

Since the beginning of the 80s the sizes of cupboard handles have been standardised. Before then it was almost impossible to find new handles with the the same measurement between the screw holes. The distance between the screw holes is called CC-size. CC stands for center to center, ie. the distance between the center of one screw hole to the center of the other screw hole. If your kitchen is from the 80s or newer, it will be very easy to change the handles on your cupboards or drawers. Start by measuring the distance between the screw holes. The easiest way to do that is by opening the cupboard/drawer and then measure the distance between the center of the screws on the backside. Measure the distance in millimeter between the two screws. The most common measurements are cc 64 mm, cc 96 mm, cc 128 mm and cc 160 mm. If you measure and get the distance 98 mm it’s most likely that you have cc 96. Either the holes were drilled a little bit off (or your measurement was a little bit off). But a few millimeters won’t make a difference and is nothing to worry about. [caption id="attachment_384" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Meassure the cc-size The picture shows a width of 64 mm cc for a handle.[/caption]

2. Remove a handle.

Before proceeding you should check for any damages behind the old handles. Remove a handle and inspect the area behind it. Sometimes there could be indentations or scratches. If you see any marks, be sure to choose a new handle that will cover the damage. If you don’t see anything, consider yourself lucky and choose any design you want for your new handles.

3. Find a new handle with the same measurement between screw holes.

The easiest way to proceed is to choose a new handle with the same cc-size. Our product pages can be filtered based on several attributes, one being the measurement between screw holes. Choose “Handles and pulls” as category and then click on “cc size”. There you will find all cc-sizes we carry. Pick the one you measured in step 1. [caption id="attachment_387" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Picture describing how to filter based on cc-size Picture describing how to filter based on cc-size[/caption]

4. Using filters and choosing a handle

After choosing your cc-size in step 3 you can now sort and filter on other attributes such as colour, material and brand. The more filters you have selected, the more specific the assortment of handles you’ll see. Click on the handle you think choose your needs to get more information about it. [caption id="attachment_391" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]The picture shows products with cc-size 128 mm and in polished brass The picture shows products with cc-size 128 mm and in polished brass

5. Find knobs matching the handles you picked

Most kitchen have both handles and knobs on their cupboards, depending on if they’re equipped with doors or drawers. When you’ve found the handles you like it’s easy find other products that match the handles. For instance, if you chose a handle in polished brass you’ll find related products in the same material and style further down on the product page. [caption id="attachment_393" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]The picture show the knobs that will match handles in polished brass. The picture show the knobs that will match handles in polished brass. [/caption]

6. Order the hardware you want

Before ordering the hardware you want it’s always a good idea to measure the the thickness of the cupboard door. We always include screws that fit doors measuring the standard, which is16-19 mm in thickness. If your doors have other measurements, please let us know so we can include the correct screws. Usually your order is delivered in 3-5 business, unless you pick Express shipping in which case you can expect your order sooner. Make sure you are inspecting your order on delivery to make sure everything is correct. You can return your order within 14 days, if the products are from stock.

7. Replace handles

Start by removing the old handles. Clean the area behind the old hardware (you’ll never get a better chance to be able to do a proper cleaning of that area). Be sure to use the correct screw driver when you replace handles. All our screws have combination heads allowing you to use a phillips or straight screwdriver.

8. Done!

Enjoy your new handles.