Aspa Verkstad – Handmade cabinet hardware

Aspa Verkstad in Östergötland, Sweden was founded in 2013 with the mission to create unique handles, knobs and other furniture hardware and to keep the handmade craft manufacturing alive. Inspiration for the handles is coming from the surrounding nature and the cultural heritage from the Swedish region Östergötland.

Aspa Verkstad is a small-scale local business that designs all the products. All manufacturing is made by hand with very high focus on the quality and the materials used in products. The selection of furniture hardware is based on two collections; Qvarnshammar - a series of handmade forgings hardware such as handles, knobs and hooks, and Bersbo - handmade hardware from solid copper.

The design behind the hand-forged hardware is coming from old courtyards and farms around the area of Östergötland, Sweden. The handmade products are targeted to the people with an interest towards more rustic and country style in the interiors. The name Qvarnshammar is inspired by an old ironworks factory called by the same name and was located in the north of the city of Motala in Sweden. The factory used to produce hardware fittings, reinforcing bars, nails and other iron and steel products. The factory has been shut down long ago, but now the name lives on through the furniture hardware by Aspa Verkstad.

The Bersbo handle is made of solid copper with no coating, lack or any finishing on it. It is polished when it arrives, but starts the aging process directly after it is taken out from the package and has the first contact with the air and other environmental factors. Bersbo handle receives a beautiful and real patina over the time. The name Bersbo is also inspired by the area in Östergötland, Sweden. Bersbo used to be a small mining village in Östergötland where there was a copper mining. The mining started in the 1500 and ended in the early 1900.

Aspa Verkstad is also designing handles, knobs and hooks on contract from both companies but also private consumers. You are more than welcome to contact Aspa Verkstad if you have an idea on a design for a new handle or knob.

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